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This Website Was Made Using My Own Static Site Generator!

May 12 2023

This blog was created using txt2web, which is a very simple C program that I wrote. txt2web takes a directory of txt files and builds a static HTML blog website with each text file being a blog post. You can view or compile the project here: https://github.com/masonarmand/txt2web

Each blog post is formatted as so:

title: The title of the blog post
description: HTML meta description of the page
tags: comma, seperated, html, meta, tags
date: May 12 2023

# This is a heading
## Heading size depends on number of pound signs (#) Like in markdown.

You can add images as so:

Lets review the basic syntax. Everything enclosed in the five dashed lines is meta info, which doesn't actually appear in the blog post. The title gets turned into an html title tag, and the description and tags are also just HTML meta information. The date is the only thing special, which gets shown alongside your blog post titles on the homepage. You can make headings using pound signs (like in markdown). To display an image you simply use the @ symbol followed by the file name of the image. Also, any files (images, directories, etc) in the project folder will get copied into the html output folder. The title and date can also be inserted into the document like this:

# {title}
The above heading will have the title of the document
The heading below will have the date of the document
## {date}

Also, to make code blocks (like the ones in this blog post), you use three backticks (like this: ```) and you surround your code in them. here is an example:

 Code goes here

The last thing you need to know is that you need to create a file called 'index' formatted the same way as a blog post. This file will end up being the homepage and a list of links to all the blog posts (sorted by date) will be added to it automatically.